RHTs in The Snow!

6:50 minutes
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Ever since I was a kid I always fantasized about going outside wearing nylons and actually get to feel the snow under my shoeless stocking feet! Well I just made that fantasy come true today by wearing a pair of beige RHTs under my trousers. Then I slipped into my ladies' Sebagos and went out on the covered deck to take a bit of fresh air. I let the shoes slip off and feel the cold air run between my nylon covered toes. After that I went behind the house and walked into the snow and slipped one shoe off before starting to feel the cold white fluffy snow under my foot! This was too much fun so I decided to take both shoes off and wiggle my reinforced nylon toes in the cold stuff! Brrr...! After a few minutes I had to come back inside to warm my tootsies by the fireplace. There is a sequel to this clip called "More RHTs In The Snow" where I go out in my stocking feet again...! Watch for it soon! Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.