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This is Pattie's second custom clip where she again dresses up in a slit ivory dress over pink underwear including bra and thong panties. Encasing her legs are the sexy tan stockings with the floral pattern up the side and the comfortable black pumps she loves to play with. As secretary, Pattie sits at her desk while the camera peeks from the front to let us watch her play with her shoes. Heel pops, toes dipping, shoes dangling and dropping, we get to see a lot of sexy shoe play. Then Pattie gets really naughty and takes off her bra. She changes the lighting so that it shines on her thighs and lets us watch her play with her clitty while more shoe play is going on. Pattie really climaxes as she rubs her shoe less feet up against each leg, hearing the nylon hissing while feeling her warm soles caressing her...! Note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.