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I am horny and feeel like playing so I put on a new pair of RHt black pantyhose with my red sling back high-heel sandals and then lay in bed, watching scenes of dangling and shoe play by women in nylons that I got from my friends at I am using my wife's vibrator on my emprisoned penis for a while, dangling my own shoe while crossing a leg in bed. After playing like this for a minute or two, I decide to get up to do a bit of prancing and slip out of my heels to stand on my tip toes. Shoe playing is a lot more fun while standing or being seated, as gravity pulls the loose heels off a pointing foot lifted backwards... I just love to feel a shoe slip off and then use my toes to search for it and feel its shape before I slip it back on again... I show my nylon feet to the camera and get really excited when I rub my silky legs together while feeling the hardwood floor as I swivel my nylon feet on the smooth surface. I know I won't last long so I position myself to have you watch me shoot my load on my nylon thigh... I slip my shoes back on and walk away. This clip is in 16:9 format - actual frame size is 544 x 288 so make sure your player is set to play in wide screen mode. Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.