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This is Pattie's first custom video clip! And also for the first time, Pattie wears a dress and some sexy varnish on her toe nails. Pattie begins to tease you while sitting on the bed, kneeling on the floor and letting both heels pop off and slam into the carpeted surface! Lots of shoe play in this long clip, where Pattie loves to slide her silky feet in and out of her black pumps, caress the shoes with her toe pads, dip and dangle them while masturbating her clitty under her dress. As per her fan's instructions, Pattie stepped out of her pumps and began to wiggle the toes madly, which turned her on so much she had to let her semen drop on her feet while standing on her tip toes... A very exciting clip! Note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.