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Cinderella Cum

7:40 minutes

In this clip I am wearing my black RHT nylons and my Jante black high-heels. I begin by dangling and losing the pumps, dipping the toes into the shoes, etc. Then I get up and shoot my nylon legs reflected in the mirror of my bedroom. I quickly slip off one shoe and move about wearing only one pump. I lose both shoes, then put one back on and play with myself. I end up coming thinking about Cinderella and her lost shoe... A very exciting ending! Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


Black RHT Pantyhose Cum

8:53 minutes

I am horny and feeel like playing so I put on a new pair of RHt black pantyhose with my red sling back high-heel sandals and then lay in bed, watching scenes of dangling and shoe play by women in nylons that I got from my friends at I am using my wife's vibrator on my emprisoned penis for a while, dangling my own shoe while crossing a leg in bed. After playing like this for a minute or two, I decide to get up to do a bit of prancing and slip out of my heels to stand on my tip toes. Shoe playing is a lot more fun while standing or being seated, as gravity pulls the loose heels off a pointing foot lifted backwards... I just love to feel a shoe slip off and then use my toes to search for it and feel its shape before I slip it back on again... I show my nylon feet to the camera and get really excited when I rub my silky legs together while feeling the hardwood floor as I swivel my nylon feet on the smooth surface. I know I won't last long so I position myself to have you watch me shoot my load on my nylon thigh... I slip my shoes back on and walk away. This clip is in 16:9 format - actual frame size is 544 x 288 so make sure your player is set to play in wide screen mode. Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


Black Sandals & Sheer Nylons Cum

9:01 minutes

I made this video to satisfy a fan's request. He asked me to wear sandals and model the shoes for him, doing a lot of toe wiggling and spreading while wearing sheer black nylons (Sorry Billy, I didn't have any sheer black nylons...) So I wore my sheer tan stockings and experienced a very strong climax while playing with my sandal on the foot-rest! My fan wanted to hear me whisper to let him know I was about to explode, so I do... and cum on my nylon toes like he asked! Wow, what a great sensation this was, as the hot & thick semen drips heavily onto my little digits! Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


Red Toes & Bare Feet At Play 02

9:28 minutes

Clip 02/02 - This is the second part of a clip I made to a fan's request! That person asked for red painted toenails and bare feet. I was to be wiggling the toes, pointing, fanning & stretching them as much as possible with the camera close by. I was also asked some sole shots so as to show my wrinkled soles. Well, I did my darn best to do al of that and I actually got so turned on doing it that I shot a total of 17:30 minutes of edited video! Check out part one under "Red Toes & Bare Feet At Play"... Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


Red Toes & Bare Feet At Play

8:03 minutes

Clip 01/02 - Here is a nice clip for you amateurs of bare feet and red painted toenails! Watch Pattie go wild with her sexy thin strap summer sandals while wearing black leggings. Lots of dangling, shoe losing, toe wiggling, fanning, stretching and clenching!! Toe action at its best! Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


Black FF Nylons Cum on Bed

7:33 minutes

I am wearing my black Full Fashion stockings and the clip begins showing me change shoes in my bedroom. The beige pumps are tight fitting and I love them for that... They make me want to slip my feet out of them often! I then sit on the bed and soon enough, the pumps are dangled then removed so you can fee my nylon feet. I am so turned on that I decide to wear my black spikes again and you will see me dangle both shoes from my reinforced toes for a while, as I jerk off at the same time! The shoes finally fall off my feet and I sit on the edge of the bed to cum on my reinforced nylon heel... What a thrill! I hope you enjoy this clip. Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


Red Slides On Bare Feet

6:44 minutes

I am wearing these 4.5 inch spike heel slides on my bare feet. I have painted my toenails a nice deep red color and as usual I just cannot help myself play with my shoes... :) There is a focus problem with this clip, as if the camera was often searching the subject (me!). I will have to find a way to shoot in a manual mode and adjust the focus myself next time! I added the clip nonetheless because it is nice, but I reduced the price by 50% because of the above problem. Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


More RHTs in The Snow!

3:54 minutes

Once my feet were warm again, I was so excited that I wanted to do it one more time. I went back outside and slipped my shoes off to plough my toes into the snow and step on the fluffy snow once again. Then I took my pants off and stood there in the cold with my nylons pulled tight by the garter belt. I let my right shoe fall to the ground and put my nylon foot onto the snow covered board, feeling the cold while masturbating and looking at my wiggling toes. My nylon sole is dirty and I have a run in my stocking but this is so thrilling that I cannot hold back and explode onto my nylon heel and high arch... What a load this was...! You might wish to watch "RHTs in The Snow!" before this one... Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


RHTs in The Snow!

6:50 minutes

Ever since I was a kid I always fantasized about going outside wearing nylons and actually get to feel the snow under my shoeless stocking feet! Well I just made that fantasy come true today by wearing a pair of beige RHTs under my trousers. Then I slipped into my ladies' Sebagos and went out on the covered deck to take a bit of fresh air. I let the shoes slip off and feel the cold air run between my nylon covered toes. After that I went behind the house and walked into the snow and slipped one shoe off before starting to feel the cold white fluffy snow under my foot! This was too much fun so I decided to take both shoes off and wiggle my reinforced nylon toes in the cold stuff! Brrr...! After a few minutes I had to come back inside to warm my tootsies by the fireplace. There is a sequel to this clip called "More RHTs In The Snow" where I go out in my stocking feet again...! Watch for it soon! Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.


Toes On Edge

8:02 minutes

Pattie is wearing sheer white stockings and her green & blue sandals. She steps on the bathtub podium and slips out of her sandals before wiggling the toes madly on the edge of the tiles... This drives Pattie wild and semen spurts down on her moving toes while she tells you she is about to climax! Pink toenails and toe ring in this clip. Please note that this clip shows MALE legs and feet.